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Unica Series 1

Caravaggio Corvettes unveils the limited edition Unica Series 1, its first C8 Corvette line with a stunning Euro-styled Carbon Fiber Body for Stingray's and  ZO6's. Only 30 of the gorgeous cars will be hand-built and documented for future collectability. 

This will be the first numbered and documented series in Caravaggio's history, no two cars will be alike. Each client will have a private consultation to create the Unica Series 1 C8 Corvette that matches their personality and taste. The result will be a one-off car designed and built in the tradition of the great custom coach builders in Europe.


Caravaggio Corvettes guides clients to add their own personality and tastes to every element of their vehicle. They can choose from an unlimited amount of interior and exterior options including fabrics, leathers, carbons, colors and finishes. Performance upgrades range from a supercharger, Brembo brakes, wheels and engine tuning. Each car will wear special badges that proudly identifies it as a Caravaggio Unica Series 1 Corvette.


Almost any color in the world is available for the Caravaggio Unica Series 1 C8 Corvette, limited only by a client’s imagination and paint manufacturer. Custom stripes can be painted on the sleek car and clear coated to ensure clean and precise edges throughout the design.

Interior choices for the Unica Series 1 C8 include full handcrafted leather, bold colors for seats and stitching, carbon pieces and Alcantara accents. The interior can include stripes or badging that mirrors the exterior. Thumb grips can be added to the steering wheel, which gives a look and feel comparable to European exotics.

To make the Unica Series 1 Corvettes more special, only five of them will be built with a full exposed carbon fiber body. The carbon fiber body give Caravaggio Corvettes the opportunity to restyle the C8, and reduces the weight of the car by approximately 40 lbs.


MSRP for the Unica Series 1 Caravaggio Corvettes package starts at $135,000.00 USD, not including the base Stingray or ZO6 C8. Orders for the 30 limited edition Unica Series 1 Caravaggio Corvettes are now being accepted.  Each masterpiece will be custom designed, built, tested and documented at the company’s facility in Concord, Ontario, Canada. 

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