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C6 Z06 Convertible 

Are you an enthusiast for increased dynamics, increased traction and opimal performance?


Experience fascinating technology in combination with an exclusive appearance for your C6 Covette with the additon of performance packages.


The marriage of maximum output and function, with maximum performance and sportiness

Caravaggio is always ready to raise the bar, and the convertible Z06 is one of the latest conversions to accomplish this. GM refuses to offer their customers this option, so we decided to continue where the manufacturer left off. 

Conversion Cost $24,500.00 USD

This conversion gives the car such an OEM appearance that people will think you just put Z06 badges on it. The conversion takes 4-6 weeks to complete, and comes with a manual roof in all stock GM colors, as well as optional custom colored tops. Optional carbon quarters are available to match the stock carbon front fenders. 

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