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C6 Super Coupe 

Are you an enthusiast for increased dynamics, increased traction and opimal performance?


Experience fascinating technology in combination with an exclusive appearance for your C6 Covette with the additon of performance packages.


The marriage of maximum output and function, with maximum performance and sportiness

Back in 2005, we had the desire to create something that had never been seen on a Corvette before. The idea was to take the C5 Speedster, and incorporate the sleek roof line into the C6 Corvette. Our goal was to create something along the lines of a traditional Aston Martin or Ferrari roof, with nicely shaped rear glass and quarter panel windows.

As we began to assemble the parts for this modification, we found that the ASC-fabricated speedster top from our earlier C5 model would not fit the new C6. This was the perfect opportunity for us to build a Corvette with a slightly different roof line.  We would have to design and build custom pieces, as nothing like this existed in any parts inventory.

Our idea was to chop 3” from the original windshield to achieve a lower roof line. In doing this, new rear and side glass would also need to be designed in order to accommodate this new roof line.  We took a mock-up of these ideas to GM in Detroit where a couple of designers agreed to take a look at our designs. In the end, we found that we would have to lower certain high points by a quarter of an inch or sharpen certain edges in order to achieve the look we were going for.


The design of the body had originally been penned as a continuation of our Caravaggio Widebody. However, there were some aspects of this model that we did not want to repeat in our C6 Speedster. We decided to retain the side view of the front and rear fenders and rocker panels from our Widebody kit. As for the rest of the body, we have reduced the scale of the license plate surround, and incorporated a new cut line from the roof to the rear deck, following through to the license plate area.


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