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Replace your worn convertible top or just change it to give it that European look with our new colour convertible tops. Made from the same material that Porsche and Mercedes use, these tops come with a rear glass window and defogger.


Available colours: cranberry, ash (light grey), green and blue

The high rise hood gradually ascends from the front to a 1-3/4" rise at the windshield, and is fabricated from hand laid fiber glass with a gel coat finish. This hood weighs in at approximately 18 lbs, which represents a 50% savings over the stock hood.

Options: Advanced Composite hood $1,295.00

Designed to clear the magnuson blower, these hoods are fabricated of hand laid fiber glass with a black gel coat finish. The fiber glass hood weighs in at 22 lbs, while the composite weighs 18 lbs. 

Options: Advanced Composite hood $1,395.00

Introducing the pace car deck lid and leather bars for C5 convertibles. Manufactured from hand laid fiber glass and retaining all original mounting points, this is a direct replacement for the original deck lid. The convertible top is not disturbed at all with the new deck lid. It also comes with leather bars wrapped in OEM leather.

Create a distinctive look with powerful visual cues while maintaining a strong Corvette brand image. 

These unique, built in the belly pan extensions are race bred, low profile parts. 

Using an integrated design, front canards will increase down force with virtually no impact to front air flow.

All Pricing in USD

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