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C5 Speedster

Are you an enthusiast for increased dynamics, increased traction and opimal performance?


Experience fascinating technology in combination with an exclusive appearance for your C5 Covette with the additon of performance packages.


The marriage of maximum output and function, with maximum performance and sportiness

Designed as what can be considered the 4th model in the Corvette line up, this true work of art displays itself with a windshield that is 10" shorter than stock, and a new convertible top which allows enthusiasts the opportunity to reallly open up. Boasting re-designed full leather seats, a suede and leather interior accented with carbon fiber and brushed stainless steel. True to its legend and heritage. 

Standard Features $49,000.00 USD


Body shortened windshield, new side glass, re-designed convertible top, header trim, Hood, Canards, Vent Strakes, Rockers, Spoilers, Interior SkunkWerkes re-designed seats, sport steering wheel, leather sills, knee bolster, passenger glove box, lower door panels and door pulls, shifter knob and boot, colored gauges, metalizing and carbon fiber accents, safety belts, leather wrapped bars, wheels and tires HRE split spoke 19x9.5 front, 20x10.5 rear tire Michelin Pilots 275/30/19 & 285/30/20.


Chopped windshield, New side glass, Re-designed convertible top, Header trim, Hood, Front canards, Vent strakes, Rear spoiler Skunk Werkes exhaust system






SkunkWerkes re-designed seats, Sport steering wheel, Leather sills, Knee bolster, Passenger glove box, Lower door panels and door pulls, Shifter knob and boot, Colored gauges, Metalizing and carbon fiber accents, Leather wrapped bars. 






HRE split spoke 19  x 9.5 front tires, 20 x 10.5 rear tires Michelin Pilots 275/30/19 & 285/30/20. 





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